Your Path To Data-Driven Quality–ALM Forum 2014

I was honored to present Your Path To Data-Driven Quality at ALM Forum 2014

ALM Forum Seattle.

You can download the deck here:

PowerPoint PDF

You can watch the video here


Track: Changing Role of Test

Title: Your Path To Data-Driven Quality


Bing analyzes Petabytes of data per day. Facebook instruments everything. analyzes web performance for millions of real users. Why?  Because testing is measurement, and measurement requires data. 

Testers have traditionally relied on test results, but the data sources now available to the tester and the ability to process these are expanding like never before.   Data-Driven Quality (DDQ) strategies such as Testing in Production (TiP) are essential tools for most testers, but the question is how do you implement these strategies to benefit your specific product? If you are seeking this answer, Seth will show you how to move forward.  The data you will need can be big or small, real-time or delayed, synthetic or organic.  So it is critical that you know what data you need and understand how much is required.   With this presentation, you will become equipped with the tools and knowledge you need to get insights from this data about your product quality.  Seth will take you through the critical thinking and framing to understand how data-driven quality can benefit your product and team.  He will then enable you to create a roadmap for how you can implement your data-driven quality strategy and take your testing to the next level.

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